Deer Management Advice 
The Damage Deer can Cause 
Deer damage a wide variety of crops, vegetables, trees, nursery stock, ornamentals and stacked hay. After the initial loss of the crop being damaged, there is often residual damage in the form of future yield reduction of fruit trees or crops . In high densities deer may severely reduce native plant communities and impair regeneration of some forest tree species. Besides vegetative damage there is also the possibility of deer/ and vehicle collisions which obviously poses a serious risk to motorists. 
Identifying Damage caused by Deer 
Damage identification is not difficult. Deer lack upper incisors, deer often leave jagged or torn surfaces on twigs or stems that they browse. Rabbits and rodents, however, leave clean-cut surfaces. You can also look for deer tracks, Deer tracks are very distinguishable and on sight should remove a lot of other possibilities from consideration. 
Damage Prevention 
Where deer are abundant or if the crops are particularly valuable, fencing may be the only way to effectively manage damage caused by deer. Temporary electric fences are simple inexpensive fences useful in protecting garden and field crops. Deer are attracted to these fences by their appearance and/or smell, they then touch the fence with their noses after being lured in. The resulting shock is a very strong stimulus and the deer learns to avoid the fenced area in future. Permanent high-tensile electric fences provide protection all year round from deer and are best suited to high-value crops. The electric shock and fence designs pose both a psychological and physical barrier to the deer. However, fencing in general is expensive. You should consider several points before constructing a fence... 
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