Deer Management. 
At Ruby Country Deer Management we can assist with deer management on your small holding, farm or estate within North Devon, West Devon and the surrounding areas. 
Within these areas the following types of Deer can be found: 
✓ Red cdvxddsdv✓ Fallow cddadcvzd ✓ Roe 
We will survey the land and put forward plans for managing deer on your site ; all of our plans are site specific each survey is bespoke to each customer. The survey will include the approximate amount of deer we are working with and the areas in which are safe to shoot in. 
The culling of deer is one option to manage them effectively however the carcass must be bled immediately to stop the carcass becoming unfit for human consumption by law. This generally has to be done in the field depending on how far one has to travel. 
We own a patch of Culm grassland which we manage under environmental schemes. Although it is essential that this type of habitat is grazed it is important that overgrazing does not take place. This means that controlling the deer population is vitally important and we have for many years trusted Ruby Country Deer Management with this task. We are delighted to see a healthy population of well controlled deer on the land that enjoy grazing the Culm as well as helping us meet the environmental scheme objectives." 
Tinney Farm - Near Holsworthy. 
For further advice or to arrange a FREE consultation call Andrew Ackford 
Tel: 07811351299 
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